Community: what it’s all about

Fostering professionals

We all come into this space as novices. And there’s nothing worse than being the new kid, is there? Truth is, we’ve all been there, and part of creating a community of writers is ensuring that you’re “in the know” about the basics of craft, advanced tools, events and conferences, and most importantly, your own growth. Friends don’t let friends write in a vacuum, eh?

Creating a Network

We know how painful it is to head out into the wild, woolly world of publishing. Makes you want to cower under the covers, doesn’t it? While you’ll still have to face the world and make with the networking, you can also establish lifelong connections and friendships right here! We can’t wait to get to know YOU.

Practicing integrity

No one likes to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s part of what makes us nice folks! But one of the rules of the “Write Club” is this: tell the truth. There are lots of ways to do so, and we can’t promise we’ll always do it just right. But we can promise that what we say here, both in the community and in our media, is as forthright as we can be. And we welcome civilized debate, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Embracing the craft

We might write alone, but we thrive together! If there’s one thing we at The Cerulean Project can promise, it’s that we have a blast. From our live streams to our social media, we love to laugh, share amusing anecdotes from our writing journeys, and poke fun at our frustrations. So join in and laugh with us!

What’s to come

Believe it or not, online events work! We regularly hangout and write together, chat on the Blab channel each week, and encourage each other. It’s as though we’re right there in your local community.
Coming soon, we’ll have a listing with local resources for you to check out and join for support, networking, and friendships. So check back often!
You read that “write.” 😉 We organize and host writing events around the United States—with European locations coming soon! We’d love for you to join us! We’ll be posting more information soon.